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Changed lcd screen only backlight working

I changed my LCD on my iphone 5, originally the LCD wouldn't work, then when i changed it, it lit up. However only the backlight seems to be working. When i plug it into my laptop it seem to work because in itunes it was that i have put it in DFU mode and it needs restoring, so i restore and update the phone, then it says waiting for iphone. shall i try a new LCD do you think that it would work then?


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Open up disconnect the connector and be sure they are 100% seeded correctly then preform a hard restart by holding power and home button togeather for 7 seconds the let go of home and keep pressing power..

If still nothing then I'm afraid it's a faulty lcd..

1 rule I have set for myself never buy off flee bay as the screens that are going for cheap money are just that cheap and nasty

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il try that thank you :)


First you could try your old display see if that's working.


My old display lcd burst, so i cannot use that, but it did show coloured lines on.


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