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plastic next to broken hinge is also broken

I had a broken hinge 18 mos ago and it's happened again. This time the plastic piece that looks like the back of a folder is cracked down the middle. Can I buy this part? What would I call it? I've been able to make two other repairs to my MacBook using ifixit instructions (I know I bought a lemon) and I want to try again.

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Can you upload a picture?


Please give us the last three figures of your serial number so we know your exact machine and get you to the correct parts. Thanks


i HAVE The same problem, but I need but the part, is for sale ??


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Or you can use Sugru to repair the broken part...

[prodotto collegato mancante o disabilitato: IF145-171]

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Epoxy it

Be sure to use a heavy duty epoxy.

See this similar answer: display housing partly unattached

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