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Repair and troubleshooting information for the Suzuki FA50 Moped.

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Why does it get 4 miles to the gallon with no leak?

This bike runs great but I am getting 4 miles to the gallon. I have searched and cant find a leak. What on earth could use that much gas? I cant just be the carb adjustment, right? I am out of guesses.

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Well, it blows my mind, but after slightly adjusting the air and fuel screws...perfect fuel consumption. I rode all the way to work yester and no noticeable fuel use. Who says there is no ghost in the machine? I love this bike and everywhere i go people like it. Cracks me up when guys on big machines nod at me. Maybe they had one when they were kids? How come i cant post a pic? Its a yellow 82, with all the lights and plastic. Be nice to share. Thanks "oldturkey03"!


L E Will , great to hear you got it fixed. Yes you can share your pics. Just place them with your original question. Here is a "quick and dirty" guide on how to add images. Love to see what it looks like:-)


tell you the truth i am so sick of tire maintenance i am ready to throw the bike out. i have gone thru 4 tubes.


And i need that bike for transportation.


I hear you. not easy to keep some of that old stuff roadworthy and getting parts.


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L E Will, it is possible that this is caused by really bad carb settings. Your air/fuel mix is potentially way off. Download the service manual from here. Pull out the spark plug and take a look at the face. see if it is light bown and dry, or black sooty. Check your carb settings. If your carburetor is okay and all the settings are correct, you do want to do a compression test to see if it is possible that your rings are leaking. Also, do check the reed valve and make sure that it functions properly.

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Okay, thank you so much. I hope its the carb! I will play with it tomorrow, before the sun gets too high. The guy i bought it from was messing around with the carb and he had the choke set really weird too. Wish me luck!


Good luck and let us know how it turns out.


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