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Installing Hard Drive...any software reloading tips?

I posted earlier for assistance about the computer's hard drive and diagnosed that its hard drive is "shot." I ordered a new drive for it and am getting ready to install it according to online instructions...the physical installation should be doable for me. Any advice or directions on how to correctly get the new drive set up and configured? I have the computer's original software disk collection as well as separate OS 9.2.2 and OS X installation disks I obtained from Apple years ago. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Pre-Installed MacOS: 9.1 Maximum MacOS: X 10.4.11

Use Disk Utilities to format the drive, give it one partition, Apple Partition Map. This model does not support hard drives larger than 128 GB. Here's a good guide on upgrading your hard drive:

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Thanks! After determining which of the multiple software CD's would provide Disk Utilities that I could open and use (the computer's original OS 9 install disk) it was a very simple process to get things working again. Only problem I encountered was the unavailability of a version of AOL desktop software (yes, my 86-year old father has dialup service) that will operate w/the OS 10.2 used on this machine. I made a phone call to AOL, and they said that they would ship an installer CD to him ASAP....and to try that. We will see.... Anyway, thanks for all of the advice--this was the first internal disk drive I ever installed and it literally was so simple to do I thought I must be doing something wrong. :-)

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