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Spilt soda on keyboard/Wont power on?

Computer still went on after spill but after about 1/2hr When I would type all that would type was /////////////////. So I turned it off till morning, then it wouldn't turn on.

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You damaged your keyboard at least, maybe logic board at most. Look at the tags at right for all needed to repair a soda spill.

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In the future, be sure to turn off your computer immediately if it comes in contact with liquid. I stupidly kicked over a glass of water and it poured straight into the back of one of my 2008 aluminum MacBooks, which was closed at the time but woke up when water hit it (apple started glowing). I quickly ripped of the back case and because of the beautiful internals of the unibody generation was able to quickly remove the logic board, drying everything before there was any risk of corrosion. Computer still works fine to this day, three years later. The longer you wait, the worse the damage becomes.

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