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Computer can't find startup drive

My father has an iMac G3 Indigo, indigo color, the model that is newer than the iMac DV's, that recently on startup shows the flashing file/iMac icon--it can't locate a startup drive and the HD is clicking during its attempted startup. I've bailed out systems like this in the past by reloading software. Luckily I was able to locate the computer's original software CD collection. I ran its Apple Hardware Test CD which indicates that everything is OK and the HD is at the address ATA Bus 2; ID 0. I then booted the computer with its; (1) Mac Software Restore CD, (2) Mac OS 9 Install CD, and (3) Mac OS X Install CD--none of them can find the hard drive, so there is no place to restore or install system software. Methinks the HD isn't functioning correctly and may be effectively dead. Any ideas? Maybe I am missing's been years since I had to deal with this problem on one of these machines. Thanks!

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Thanks for the response post...the drive is shot. I ordered a new one and posted a request for additional assistance in a more recent question.


I installed the new drive, formatted it, and reloaded its software and applications, save AOL's desktop software which my dad uses for dialup access to the Internet. AOL said they'd mail an installer CD. Everything's working, so thanks for the help and advice.


Glad I could help solve your problem.


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If you ran Disk Utilities from the system installation disk and found no hard drive, it's time to replace the drive.

Apple iMac G3/400 (Early 2001 - Indigo) Specs

Identifiers: iMac - Early 2001 - M7683LL/A - PowerMac4,1 - M5521 - 1857

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