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PS3 Slim Power Cord?

The manual says to only use the official provided AC cord; however I would like to plug my PS3(CECH-2001A) into a 220V outlet and the provided cord obviously doesn't fit. Are there any specifications regarding the correct cord I should use? I have a 2.5A 250V~ 2 prong 8-figure cord that will fit into the outlet. Would this suffice?

Could using any power outlet other than 120V potentially damage the PS3 in any way?

Thanks alot!

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The power supply in the PS3 has been confirmed to work with 220V setups, too. Sony just doesn't mention this fact too much. The power cord on this is just a radio style plug you can get on the Internet for a few bucks. Just check eBay or something for the cord, or borrow it from something else.

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Check to see if the DC converter brick is compatible with 220V, if not then you probably should not play with it and buy a new power supply unit for the PS3 thats rated at 220V. Also the AC cable that goes between the wall and the brick should be able to handle 220V, all you need is a converter (given you have a US plug and you are in another country that doesn't use the US plug)

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