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The Samsung Galaxy S4, model i9505, features a 13-megapixel rear camera, and a 5-inch 1080p display.

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Samsung Support Can't fix my phone due to corrosion/water damage

Hey, now i dropped my Galaxy S4 in water with a case and screen protector attached for about 5 seconds. Almost immediately i took out the battery and put the phone and battery in uncooked rice for about a week. I contacted samsung because after a week, the phone would turn on, however there would be no display on the screen, the buttons on either side of the home button light up as well. If i connect the phone to my pc, it acts just the way it did before the accident. I send the phone to samsung as it was under 1 year warranty and they send the phone back saying Corrosion/Liquid Damage. What should I do now?

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i had my phone in my bike jacket and its was raining now it wont charge i have stuck it in rice and then in the airing cupboard have i done the right thing?


my mother dropped her phone in the pool for over an hour in her pocket she has an s4 also and we put in uncoocked fice for about 4 days however the screen works fine except for the pink tint but the touch scfeen only works for about five seconds ive managed to be able to put in her password and i used the voice thing to open her photo gallery however i dont have enough time each time i unlock the phone to do anything with the photos except view them... when i try to attatch it to the computer it says there are no photos grrrrrr!!!!! but props to samsung to making strong phones


Yesterday, I put my phone on the bag. And because of my stupidity, I also put my wet clothes on it. After 30 minutes, I realized my phone was on my bag so I found it soaking wet already. I tried to turn it on, it does turn on but the screen won't display anything. I bury it on the rice for 24 hours but nothing changes. Is there a possibility that my phone can be fix ? I'm using Samsung Galaxy Note II


my samsung j7 is dropped into the water when i turn on it work correctly but buttom pattern around the centre pattern do not work but home buttom work what should i do can it be good


rice doesn't work because rice can't take your motherboard out and dry it so don't waste your time, you need pure alcohol to clean infected parts then leave to dry but not in rice, be careful though as its a tricky process undoing and taking apart the board , however this is not 100% fix


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meetparikh39, the very first thing you want to do is to properly clean your phone. rice is great for cooking but it does not prevent corrosion or fix your phone. Use this guide to remove your logicboard and clean that as well as all the cable connectors etc. with 90%+ isopropyl alcohol and a soft brush. Clean the board well. Check for any burned, missing or otherwise damaged looking components. Once it is properly cleaned, replace the battery, reassemble your phone and re-evaluate. Should your phone still remain dark, you could replace the display, but it is also possible that you have a short on the logic board which will prevent the display from working. It is a bit of a crapshoot. Hope this helps, good lcuk

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what if you use 70% isopropyl alcohol? ;?


Hey I just damage my galaxy s4 phone by accidentally wasting soda inside the phone. My screen became black but the phone is still operating but I can't see nothing. What should I do to repair the problem?


OldTurkey03 and Meetparikh9

I had a very similar situation happen however my phone's exposure to water was more prolonged "stayed in a wet backpack for about 8 hours. I did the whole leave in rice for three days tip and that didn't work. However, I followed OldTurkey's instructions and at first the screen remained black but after playing around (which consisted of putting some pressure on some areas and further brushing) the screen came back just as new as it was before. THANK YOU SO MUCH BECAUSE I WAS ABOUT TO SEND THIS BACK TO SAMSUNG UNDER WARRANTY AND INSTEAD WAS SUCCESSFUL ON MY OWN!!!

Side Note:

I used the same battery as I had before (the phone indicator as well as the battery indicator had no water damage so I didn't feel the need to replace)

I also used 91% isopropyl alcohol


Hey this incident just happened to my phone. Did you buy all the tools and a new motherboards?


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The same thing happened to me. But mine spent hours at the bottom of the lake. We had to come back at night and found it by the flashing light. I found a video online to pull the phone apart. Soak the pieces in 91% rubbing alcohol and let dry for a day. Put back together and the screen started working! Good luck to ya!

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It sounds like your LCD may be damaged (hence no display but everything seems to work).

Pretty common issue with liquid damage.

Sadly it is a seriously expensive part.

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Hello I know this posts were years ago but I was hoping somebody could help me.

I tried all of the steps with 91%alcohol on my galaxy note 3, it initially tirned on and I was able to see my screen ( it was black before) everything was working, however 1 or 2 mins later it turned green and then black again :(

Help please? Am I done with the phone?:(


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I fix my phone. I accidentally drop it on my sink. 5 seconds and I got it up, I was reckless don't know what to do.

My screen glitch like blackening out then lights up sometimes. Showing that LCD works, touchpad also works and the problem was water inside the phones (blackboard, system chips and etc.)

I almost lost my mind into buying another phone? Or going to a technician. Then I go to a technician and he wants to charge me a fortune, I let him see the phone and said that he's gonna replace the LCD, but it isn't the problem. I frankly tell him "please if your not gonna fix my phone, don't be so oppurtunate. My phones problem isn't LCD dmgs" and he goes silent.

So here's how I fix my phone, so my phone is glitching and I know that LCD isn't a problem. I try to play music, by instinct in touching my phone while it was black. Then sometimes my phone get a little glimpse of pictures of what I am doing. So there, I play music and let the phone be for like 5 hours. *I already wipe the water on the phones inside but couldn't open the phones blackboard. So my instinct tells me, let the phone heat up with music/videos playing. And it works, my phone is working fine, not a day of passing by. The problem is solve.

Tips for wet phones

*know the real deal like -LCD dmgs, m'board/systemchips dmgs, touchpad dmgs or glitching screen.

*keep calm, search for help. A friend or anyone who knows what to do.

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