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Home button will not respond after new replacement

Heads up: Phone is out of warranty, upgrade is coming up in 4 months :)

Hi everyone, so, after 2 weeks of constant troubleshooting, I give up and here I am to find out if anybody else has had this problem I am currently having with my wife's iPhone 5.

The Story:

My wife's phone started having issues with the power button, she had to press real real hard for it to work, so I decided to perform this repair on my own during my christmas break. I have done hundreds of successful repairs on iPhone 4s and previous until 9 months ago that I moved to a better job and left Geek Squad. I was an agent in charge of fixing the iPhones, so yes I got a lot of training for this and I am very neat, clean and careful of not breaking anything inside a phone, so I am 100% sure I did not break anything else.

I replaced the flex cable that connects + and - volume, mute, and vibrator together, put the whole phone together carefully, btw, a screw on the top plate is missing because I lost it in the carpet, yea I do not have a magnetic mat in my house :(.

The trouble / shooting:

After putting the phone together, everything works, and I was very happy until I press home button. Home button quit working suddenly and it was working fine before.

I take the whole phone apart again and put it back together this time watching a video to make sure everything is in place. Home button still not working at all.

I buy an oem version of the home button on eBay for like $9 and properly installed it. The home button does not work at all still, (I hear the clicking when I press it tho, so its not like its pressed or stuck).

Took phone screen apart again, repositioned the home button and still I am not getting it to work, so this is the issue that is driving me crazy, I will include some pictures of how this phone looks inside after doing the repairs. Again, everything works fine except for the home button.

Top to bottom, screen, phone, and the tools I am using.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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In your picture, it looks like you must have somehow knocked off your home button contacts.

Look at the picture in step 7 of the Home Button Repair Guide.

Actually you can see these gold contacts in many pictures throughout the guides.

There are 2 gold contacts. these contacts are missing on your picture.

Looks like this is your problem.

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Thank you Joe for noticing this, let me attempt to look at the guide and get me these contacts then install them on the phone and I will keep you posted on whether it worked or not after installing the missing contacts, again thanks!


Oh wow! I now remember! indeed I am missing that little piece that you mentioned, this is crazy amazing to me how I missed it, I probably knocked it off somehow, I am going to have to buy a new one.


Another question, how is this little part called, so I can search for a place to buy it.


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Problem solved, looks like I forgot to lift the little cable with the contacts, so it was still under the speaker, I took speaker off and moved the contacts on top of the speaker and home button is now working fine, the phone fully works :D

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