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The HTC Inspire 4G is the first smartphone available on AT&T Wireless branded as "4G". It's nothing more then an Desire HD locked to AT&T and running AT&T Software.

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How do you apply the 4 plastic pieces to LCD/Digitizer assembly?

I have a new LCD/Digitizer assembly that doesn't have the plastic pieces attached (the ones that light up the home/menu/back/search keys). How do those get put on without prying apart the new assembly?

Thanks in advance,


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You will probably need to transfer from the old unit. So whatever process you use to remove them from the old assembly, reverse to apply them to the new one.

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Thanks David,

Right after I posted that, I decided to try peeling off the clear adhesive that was still on the old digitizer and apply it to the plastic tabs. Then I aligned them above each key (home, search, back and menu) and slid them into place, pressing them down with a thin piece of cardboard inserted between the lcd and plastic tabs. It worked out :o)

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