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Il primo modello di iPhone (A1203) con 4, 8 o 16 GB di memoria interna e retro in alluminio. La riparazione potrebbe richiedere alcune saldature e una buona dose di forzature sui componenti.

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Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, sound and microphone not working, what's wrong?

Hello, I've a problem with my iPhone.

When I try to enable Wi-Fi, the write appears grey and says "No Wi-Fi" (PICTURE NR.1)

and it's impossible for me tap it to enter inside the menu.

The same for Bluetooth, the write appears grey and says "Unavailable". (PICTURE NR. 2)

Inside the menu "Settings-General-About" I have no informations about Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (empty fields).


Are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth manged by communication board?

Are microphone, audio and vibration managed by communication board too?

I know that I'll have to change it cause a broken connector (PICTURES NR. 4)

Thanks so much.

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Hello it's unlikeley it's the commuincations board but it could be chesck by replacing it (or the cble whatever you think is wrong) if that does'nt fix your problem then could it be (1. It's water dameged or (2. Is there dust inside it?

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