Why does my audio & video simultaneously cut out?

I have the Pioneer VSX-821-K and connect to/from with HDMI cables. No matter which source is selected (directv box, Apple TV, bluray, etc), periodically the audio and video simultaneously cut out (black screen and silence) and then just as quickly come back. This happens without any repeatable rate of occurrence. It seems "fixed" for a short time by unplugging the receiver from the power strip it is plugged into and then plugging it back in. Suspect static electricity build up. It is well less than 24 hours before the same problem is seen again and the unplug/plug method needs to be repeated. Is there any way to fix this long term?

I have performed the RESET procedure several times. Initially I thought this helped, but found after a third RESET procedure the issue immediately occurred. I also know the current error count... DC: 0; TEMP1: 0; TEMP2: 7; OVER: 2. This was observed within 48 hours of the first reset and within 24 hours of the last reset.



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Okay, so that looks like some temp (overheating issues) Which components have you checked, if any?


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