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Released online on January 16, 2009, the Inspiron 1545 is a 15.6" budget PC laptop available with 3 or 4 GB of RAM. It succeeded the Inspiron 1525.

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Why is my power adapter not charging the battery

my power adapter which i have used since i bought the lap top is not charging the battery anymore but is able to power the laptop.

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If you can not see the battery exists in your operating system:

Take your battery out and look at it to make sure it is not swelling or bulging. Sometimes if the battery is bad you can still see that the battery exists and charge it but its dependent on whether or not the charging circuits inside the battery are damaged or not. Sometimes swelling can cause the circuits to break and this prevents the computer from recognizing the battery exists.

However you might need to shut down your computer and remove the battery for a bit then try again, i have a dell that seems to be selective on when it charges my battery but that usually fixes it.

If you can see the battery exists in your operating system:

There are two MOSFET chips that control how the power in your laptop is drawn. One for when you have a battery connected and one for when you have the AC connected. You could have one of these that is damaged although I am willing to guess since you can power on your machine its the main one that controls the battery power (and when to charge it). You would need to replace one or both if this is the case but it can be very difficult to find the one you need let alone replace it.

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I have two Dell 1545 Computers, surprisingly i was able to find a battery with the same issue as you described. The battery says its charging however it remains at 0%. I can definitively say that it is your battery and not your laptop, just grab another off of Ebay for $20.


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If it is Linux on it then it is just not compatible and there are no drivers for it.

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