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Screen is totally black

When I turn on my Samsung 40in LCD TV the screen is totally black aside a small gray fuzzy ban at top. Audio is still on. This happened all of a sudden with no warning it was breaking down.

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My tv is only 3 years old. Why would the screen go completely BLACK?


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What is the model of your TV? This could be a couple of issues but from the sound of it your TV's main board might be bad. However this could also be some issue with your back lighting, its hard to tell from your description. Try to find out these things:

When you press buttons on your TV does anything on the screen change?

Is there any flickering on the TV screen?

Turn all the lights off in your house and see if there is any light coming from the dark area's of the TV.

And most important if you can take the back off your TV (unplug it first) look for the power supply board (usually brown / tan board) and look for anything like this:

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If I have to buy another tv I'll never buy another Samsung. My old fashioned tv that weighed 100 lbs was better than this crap.


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