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1.5 Core Solo, 1.66 or 1.83 Core Duo, or 1.83 or 2 GHz Core 2 Duo processor. This covers the first Intel-based Mac Mini models from Early 2006 to Mid 2007.

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Why won't my mac mini display on my Samsung HDTV?

My Apple Mac mini "Core Duo" 1.66 mac mini will display on a VGA monitor but not on my HDTV. I specifically bought it to use in the living room with the tv. I have tried a DVI to VGA to HDMI cable configuration and also a DVI to HDMI, but neither works. I also tried with another HDTV with the same result. What could be the problem? Any workarounds?

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who's adapter did you use and which was on first?


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The TV must be one that will work as a computer monitor on HDTV and set to the port you're using before you boot the Mini... You should see a "no signal found" message from the TV before boot, which should change to the gray screen as the boot progresses. You might need to extend the sleep time on that TV so it doesn't sleep while the mini is booting. IF it does sleep (the screen goes blank or to a screen saver) you must be able to immediately wake it up - generally by inputting something from your remote.

The Mini upon boot should then automagically detect the TV.

OR you could connect two monitors, one not your HDTV so that you can boot to the nonHDTV then add the HDTV via "detect displays button" and enable/adjust the image via SystemPreferences:Display. especially if the signal or image from the mini looks bad.

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Did you ever find a way to use your mac mini through your tv? Having the same problem here with a 1.83..

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