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Modello A1136 con 30, 60, o 80 GB di hard disk con plastica frontale bianca o nera

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White Plastic around charge port is broken and iPod won't dock.

Theres a piece of white plastic that surrounds the charge port on the Ipod. Half of the plastic broke off on mine and now the speaker dock won't detect it when docked. I can still connect it to the USB cable however. Does anyone know if this white plastic piece can be replaced?

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The broken plastic is most likely what allows/forces the connection to stay just where it should be. A cable/USB cable doesn't have the same problem as it's made to fit snug at any angle.

You may need to either find a replacement casing for the ipod, or put something on the dock that it can lean onto to be pushed back to where it should be. It only needs to be a tiny amount off center to not be able to work properly.

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Blake, the plastic bezel part is available at places like this and many others. Hope this helps, good luck.

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