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Released October 2008 / 2.4, 2.53, 2.66, 2.8 or 2.93 GHz Core 2 Duo Processor

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Function of MBP logic board copper pins

Block Image


What function do the red circled copper pins do have, which are "all over" the logic board of e.g. my MBP A1286 or A1297?

One of them has been broken and it seems as there is a copper line below it on or within the PCB.

Picture has been attached.

Regards, Stone

Update (08/23/2013)

And the location of the sound chip itself, labeled with u6200 ...

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I've always wondered the same thing, hopefully someone will shed some light.


What I can tell you is they are not described in the Apple Technicians Guide. So they don't offer a general service tech anything useful, that means they are used in manufacturing process or may offer a board level tech something useful at a test/power point. Thats not to say they don't have a function as a VIA (electrical pathway though the PCB board layers). So a damaged one could have an effect here. Are you having issues with your logic board?


Hi Dan

Yes, it is all about the problem with my 2009 A1297 which sound card is not working properly. To sum up: sometimes it is working (it seems, if the MBP gets warm and some little pressure on the bottom).

I was thinking of them pins as being reference points for measurement or even grounding points. I am not sure if they do touch the bottom cover but it is possible.

If so and they need to touch the bottom then MBP would not run properly without bottom case installed.

To be honest I haven't had the time until now to have a closer look to my "broken" A1297, but I remember, that one of these pins broke off the PCB and it happened during normal use, so the pin felt off the case, as I opened the MBP for HDD change.

I also remember, it is one of the pins which can be found right hand side, if the MBP is placed on its top and the superdrive is on the left hand side.

I could not find them on the schems, too.

Will have a closer look tomorrow, if the sound chip is near the broken pin.

Regards, Stone


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Can you take some hi resolution pics of the area when the pin is now missing and one just back a bit so we can ID that part of the logic board. So we can see the damage and ID what the circuit is.


Well I did some more investigating and was able to locate on the schematic for this system. The pins as it turns out are tied to the chassis ground.

So one has to assume these are fixture guides used in the assembly process or Apple thought they needed an EMI shield to cover over the PCB as they are laid out in a pattern.

Block Image

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Ah ... just found it in the scheme. You are right. Seems as if they are diagnostic measurement (reference) points. Their label is 1.4DIA-SHORT-EMI-MLB-M97-M98 e.g., where I am thinking, 4DIA maybe an abbreviation for "for diagnostic".

They are also connected to ground.

Hard to say, if they 've got a function above that.


Looks like we were on the same path here ;-} I would take a good magnifier and inspect the solder joints of the pathways leading from the speaker leads back to the chip. You could also have a bad connector or the speaker lead is being pinched.


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I have a 13inch has these pins . One is missing. I can see the marks in case from it. Could it be causeing my screen to not light up. It comes on but is dark. Ive tried reseting everything. And when hooked the tv its perfect not dark

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Best to post a fresh question with your systems details.


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