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logic board wont power on damaged circuit behind sim tray?

Hi, While rebuilding my own iphone 5, 16gb GSM yet again after i replaced the charging dock and battery a few times,I can't seem to power on my device. I have noticed via pictures of the iPhone 5 logic board on web compared to mine that the section behind the sim tray on the logic board is completely damaged. I'm unaware how this could of happened as when placing the flex cables it is always a gentle job.

Would somebody explain what this section does, is this the problem to my power? i am pretty sure it's been like this for a couple of weeks, and before the phone would turn on randomly when you leave it plugged into the wall or usb it would display a red battery charging indicator then turn itself off again at random times.

I would like to know is there any possible solution to get this fixed, even if it requires trying to solder it myself as i have nothing to lose at this point..

this is the diagram of it from the iPhone 5 schematic document which i am still trying to understand and hope what i'm thinking is wrong..

any help would be extremely grateful as i cant afford a new phone right now and I've been without a phone for a few weeks now. :(

schematic image

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That is part of you LCD display/power circuitry. I am also not quite sure as in what it is that you are needing to know. Instead of the schematic, also post an image of your damage.

da - Put a square around the missing components on mine as macbook seems to have a real terrible quality camera. could only manage to do a blurry so thought this would be easier.

And also i believe you might have answered my question. It isn't repairable by fair it is just unfortunate that there is no temporary work around to be able to turn the device.


are you saying that all those components are missing?


macko, things are bound to get better. There is always a silver lining on the horizon. Yes, if you do not like soldering SMD components, selling it might be the best idea. I think the best would be to accept your own answer :-) after all, even to concede that it is above ones level of repair is an answer.Good luck to you.


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ANSWERED BY: oldturkey03

That is part of you LCD display/power circuitry. I am also not quite sure as in what it is that you are needing to know. Instead of the schematic, also post an image of your damage.

Added by asker:

This phone has been sold on ebay for $500, As oldturkey03 has stated, the components behind the sim tray on the iphone 5 logic board are what control the power, display and buttons of the device. The soldering to repair this is a very tough task and won't be very cheap.

For people who have this future problem, You will be best to sell the device unless you know somebody who can micro solder. Unless you have a couple of the components missing which would make it much more easier.

Thanks again oldturkey03 :)

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