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Black screen after RAM replacement


I upgraded my RAM to 16Gb a week ago.

Now, my Mac can boot but nothing appears on the screen and there is no chime. Even if I put back the first 4Gb of RAM, the problem stays.

I connected it to an external monitor and there was no image.

Therefore, I think about a Mother Board problem.

I went to a Genius Bar where they said me that the replacement of Motherboard costs 500€. This is too expensive for me.

Do you know how can I repair this ?

Thank you.

PS : I hope you'll forgive my bad english :(

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I have the same situation.

I've installed 2x4GB working RAM into my Macbook pro 13" early 2009. It booted a couple of times into OSX but it led to an error (gray screen of death) after showing me the desktop.

I've put back it's original RAM and got what topicstarter's got :–(

I've tried 4 banks of 2GB RAM (working, tested on another mac) in different combinations, tried one slot and another but the screen remains black, no chime sound.

If I remove all the RAM banks, it beeps once and beeps again in some seconds.


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i so wished i could have heard an answer back to this issue :( I'm so sad i just bought my 2nd mac for family and its a 2012 macbook pro, i upgraded the 2-2g ram cards and put 2-4g cards and have a black screen also....put the old memory back in and still a black screen :( so bummed


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My first thought with this would be faulty RAM or possible debris in the RAM slots on the logic board. This would be my approach to the problem.

1) I would attempt to remove the RAM and inspect the RAM slots on the logic board, using compressed air and/or a small pick if debris is visible.

2) Reset the SMC. A lot of odd issues can come back to a faulty SMC state, which are often resolved by resetting it. You can do this using the following steps, you might see the power adapters LED change color during the process.

  1. Connect your power adapter to your computer and ensure that your Mac is turned off
  2. Hold the (left) Shift, Control and Option keys and press the power button for 3-5 seconds
  3. Release the power button and all of the keys at the same time
  4. Press the power button to turn on the Mac

3) If you remove both RAM DIMMs and attempt to power on the Mac does it beep (different from the normal chime) at all or is it just a black screen with with only the fan spinning? If the Mac doesn't beep then it's failing to recognize that no RAM is installed, which it checks during it's boot process. This tells us that it's not progressing past the early stages of the boot process. If this is the case then you can try disconnecting components (hard drive, optical drive, display, etc) and then powering on again. If it eventually chimes or beeps then you can start reconnecting components, knowing that once you connect something and stops working then you have found the failure.

Also, are you sure that it's booting? For instance, if you power it on and let it sit for a few minutes (to finish the boot process) can you eventually use the volume up/down keys and hear the usual clicks/pops that occur when you press them?

Hopefully that helps!

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Firstly, thanks a lot for your answer.

1. The RAM slots seems intact.

2. I did the SMC reset but it has no effects

3. I've not tested this solution, but I will as soon as I will be able.

About the boot, it's in fact just the fan and the hard drive, etc which spin. I wasn't able to hear the pops of Volume +/- buttons.


The fans and hard drive both spin during the pre-boot tests anyway, those don't necessarily mean it's booting. That makes me think the Genius might be correct about it being a failed logic board. I wouldn't expect that from installing RAM but it could be an unfortunate coincidence. You'll probably have a better idea with this once you start disconnecting other components and isolating just the logic board. Basically, if it still doesn't beep with no RAM installed once you've disconnected everything except for the speakers and top case (keyboard), then you are probably looking at a logic board failure. If you disconnect, for example, the hard drive and it starts beeping on the next try then it's safe to assume the hard drive (or whatever was disconnected) is causing the problem. Hopefully you can isolate the hard drive or optical drive as faulty and not the logic board, since as you've learned it's such an expensive component. Good luck!


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I agree with the Genius's assessment of your problem. Though how/why the VGU/VGC or logic board became damaged in a simple RAM upgrade is troubling.

You can purchase the parts and DIY (that's why we're here). This is a very advanced DIY project. You need the recommended tools (every job goes easier with the proper tools).

You need to study the guide for your machine so you know the warning and cautions - most failures for this type of repair is when the DIYer damages parts by tearing/breaking/ or doing other damage because they didn't disconnect something in the proper way.

You could check with local computer repair shops on their charges for the repair.

You could part out or sell for parts the damaged machine - and put that money along with what you'd spend to repair this unit towards a new machine.

Only you know your capabilities and budget.

Good Luck,

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Thanks to you too.

The Genius said me that the problem came from static electricity.

I have also to mention that I put 1600MHz RAM instead of 1300MHz but everywhere on the Internet it was said that it didn't cause any trouble, so I think that the problem doesn't come from that.

About changing by myself the parts, I didn't find a logic board for my computer at a correct price.

I also checked for selling for parts my computer, but it was offered to me 160€ for my machine, which is terribly low I think.

Eventually, I found some videos (like this one : in which guys seem to fix the problem I have in only a few minutes. What do you think about it ?

Best regards.


Well yea - when you put the wrong RAM in a box and boot it bad things tend to happen. If you had used a memory Conigurator at any computer parts site I don't think you'd have bought the RAM you chose.


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