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Released October 2008 / 2.4, 2.53, 2.66, 2.8 or 2.93 GHz Core 2 Duo Processor

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Test points for logic board

I have 1286 late 2008 15" 2.53 bookPro(serialnumberxxx56D61 GN) that have that problems:

No Battery light on main cover at all

Magsave light changes when charging or with SMC reset

No reation at all at the start(no noise-absolutly nothing)

battery is 2 months old,mag save is 85Watt and about 6 month old, -mac only requires 65 watt refer to the first original magsave.

Have tryed to remove/swap RAM,key options with start and battery remove,Installed new magsave board(bought here-excellent service by the way :-))

no changes.

Have no acess to other battery(but have my old still working one but not 100% shure how good is it) and other magsave.

I can measure +12 volts on some capacitors on the logic board for example.

is there a scelamtci or similar where i can measure some voltages to exclude possible failure like the voltage/power supply or to know that the display bord is dead ?

I do not have much money just to replace the board and maybe no changes .

I cant find on the logic board the reset or start points to exclude maybe a failure of the power switch(i only found one PCB layout here but that is not my logic board.What at least have the mac to do when i pwer up even for the possibility the RAM are defective(or not installed)?

Please help, iam here in the dessert(Austria) very rare to get some parts to try, but iam a very experienced technicians(electronic and mechanic) but a PC dummy,

and with my infos i cant go further.

Please help


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2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo (T9400)

Intro Date: October 14, 2008 Disc Date: March 3, 2009

Order No: MB471LL/A Model No: A1286 (EMC 2255)

Subfamily: Late 2008 Model ID: MacBookPro5,1

Std RAM: 4 GB Std VRAM: 512 MB*

Std Storage: 320 GB (5400 RPM) Std Optical: 8X DL "SuperDrive"


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robertwistrela, Austria? Dessert? Remember that on Apple logic boards there is no silkscreen text on final production logic boards. Any photos shown with test

points are from pre-production units and are solely for reference. Anyhow, try to start off with some of the things Apple suggest in their trouble shooting section:"


No Power / Dead Unit

• No power

• No image

• No startup chime

• No fan or hard drive spin

• No reset sound from optical drive

• No sleep LED activity

• No light if Caps Lock pressed

• Non-operational

Quick Check

1. Verify AC power presence with MagSafe LED indicating on or charge state.

2. Verify battery status as being partly charged, charging with AC power.

3. Reset SMC.

4. Refer to Deep Dive table for battery diagnostic testing.


1. Isolate peripherals as cause.Disconnect all peripherals and external devices and verify unit starts.

Suspect peripherals as cause.

Reconnect each one at a time,verifying unit operation as

external device is reinstalled.


Go to step 2

2. Reset SMC, and verify unit starts. (Alternative hardware SMC reset can be forced by shorting R5001 pads on logic board or removing all system power for 1 minute.) Can

system start up after SMC reset?


Corrupt SMC state preventing power on. Issue resolved with SMC reset.


Go to step 3

3. Will system power up with battery only? Check battery level LED indicator for status of battery charge or battery use error. Inspect battery connector for burn marks or

damaged pins if substituting a known-good battery to verify starting on battery.


System can start up from known-good battery -- customer battery possibly at fault or needs to be charged.

Continue to verify customer battery then AC adapter use and battery charging. Go to step 4.


System will not power using known-good battery only. Go to step 5

4. Customer battery may be run down, or not recognized.

Verify customer battery in a known-good system is recognized and accepting a charge. Confirm customer battery is not consumed nor defective.


Battery is recognized,charging and health is good.

Return to test unit with customer battery and AC adapter power. Go to step 6.


Replace customer battery for not charging or not recognized. Customer to purchase a replacement battery if consumed.

5. Inspect battery cable connection at logic board and reseat if necessary. Replace cable if found damage or burned. Can the system power on from a charged battery with battery cable inspections or replacement?


Battery power restored, return to test unit with customer battery and AC adapter power. Go to step 6.


Logic board is expected to power on with battery only.

Inspect and test power on key. Go to step 10.

6. Inspect MagSafe power adapter. Verify AC adapter is correct wattage, compatible with product and works on known-good computer.


Power adapter is good, go to step 7


Release stuck pin or replace adapter due to wire damage, not working or burned pins

7. Inspect MagSafe port on computer for physical damage, debris or metal fragments attracted to magnetic connector. Is MagSafe connector clean and free from defects?


Go to step 8


Clean port assembly. Replace MagSafe board if necessary.

8. Verify adapter status LED turns on green then orange indicating power and battery charge in progress. A green LED can indicate a full battery, removal of battery or battery not recognized.


System starts and has power. MagSafe LED indicates power is flowing to logic board. Verify customer battery will also charge. Review battery health to ensure customer



AC power is down or battery is not charging. Go to step 9

9. Verify power from adapter is present on logic board.

Remove system battery, use AC power only. Reseat or test known-good MagSafe cable to achieve power for logic board.


Logic board has power adapter energy to start system. MagSafe cable reseat or replacement resolved issue.

If still no system power on indications, go to step 10


AC adapter power not going to logic board power supplies. Replace logic board.

10. Test and inspect Top Case Power Button. Stuck or open power on key or keyboard disconnect can disable the power on of system. If button does not work, locate pads R5015 on logic board just to right of IR/sleep cable. Short pads to power up logic board. If power on key is stuck, keyboard cable must be disconnected for R5015 to work. Does system power on? (Reconnect keyboard cable to confirm bad or intermittent connections.)


Power on key works fine, issue resolved. Power on key works when keyboard cable is reseated. Power on key appears to be stuck, had to remove keyboard cable to power on. Replace top case for stuck power on key


No logic board power on when shorting R5015 pads.

Replace logic board.

Block Image

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Thanks oldturkey03,

i have a chance to get my battery charged and can test with a different magsave, will test and report back.

Can i power up without the (fully loaded) top cover as that also need some(mechanical) repair(loosen joints mounts), just to find out that its the logic board or not ?


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It kind of sounds like what I'm currently going through. By now you have probably solved the problem. However, someone else may come across this article and it may be useful.

I'm currently experiencing a full battery charge, however, my computer isn't turning on when I press the power button. At first I thought it was the MagSafe board. However, there was an indicator light on my charger that told me this wasn't it. Had there been no light, it would have been a possibility. I've done some researching and asked a few people what it could be. It's either the Logic Board, or the keyboard. One way to test to see if it is the keyboard is to jumpstart the machine by completing the circuit using the power pads, which are located on the logic board. The reason it may be the keyboard is because the power on button is actually connected to the keyboard. A screw driver or paperclip will work to complete the circuit. It's really easy to access the logic board. Simply take the back off by unscrewing the screws. The location of the power pads may vary and there is a website that will tell you where the location of them. If the machine doesn't turn on, you know it's more than likely the Logic Board. Not sure if this will help, but it helped me.

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Is this an 820-2330 board like the original poster's? Check pp1v05_s5.


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