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iPhone Pool. No responce from itunes. I want to fix it.

Long story short my iPhone 5 ended up in a pool for anywhere from 5-30 minutes before found. It was dead when found I put it in rice in the sun for about a day it was about 90 degrees out at the time. The phone did get hot and as far as I can tell it completely dried out. It still doesn't turn on. If I plug it in to the wall or computer there is no response either. I have already started using my old iphone 4 and have taken apart and repaired a lot of phones so I want to try and fix the 5. Any suggestions on what I should fix first? If the battery is bad will itunes still be able to recognize it? Thanks for your advice!

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If you dropped it in the pool it's probably a gonner.

Chlorine is a real electronics killer, but you can try to take it apart and get some really high-proof alcohol (94%+) and just go to town on that phone with it, if you're really lucky you may be able to get it running again, but I wouldn't get my hopes up.


Here's a generic guide on how to repair liquid damage in phones.

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Clark, the very first thing you want to do is to no longer try to to charge it and to no longer turn it on. Remove the battery. If the phone has not yet shorted out, the continued charging and starting attempts will increase the likelihood of further damage. Rice is a great first aid but in no way a substitute for proper cleaning, it will not prevent corrosion failure etc. With that out of the way, I suggest that you use these guides to disassemble your phone. Then use the guide listed by QuickFixat, which BTW is not a generic guide, but a guide for the 3G. All the points are still valid to your phone as well. Use a soft brush to clean the board, make sure that there is not EMI shield that may harbor corrosion. Clean the connectors and the cables ends as well. Check the board carefully for any broken/burned/missing components. Once you have it cleaned, replace the battery and re-evaluate. There is of course no guarantee that this phone will ever work again, but at least you can try. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Thank you I will start cleaning and piecing it together. Fortunately the pool didn't have any chlorine in it. I had just set up the pool for the summer.


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