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iPod 4g camera not working?

Hi, I just replaced my iPod 4g screen and it works greats the touch works good, but the camera shutters will not open. My iPod was smashed pretty badly and I replaced the screen because it no longer work I couldn't move anything on the screen therefore I couldn't even unlock the device. So it was a no-brainer to get it changed. But the sides of it were really bend and the screen doesn't fit good at all. But the screen still works so that's okay but the camera and the home button doesn't work. The home button isn't a big deal because there are other way to get to the home screen but I always use the camera! As I said before the shutters will not open, does it have to do with the bend sides? Is there anyway I can bend them back? Is there a disconnected wire? Please help!

PS: I haven't fully explored it yet so I don't no of other broken things such as the volume buttons, so there might be other problems.

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I am assuming you are talking about the rear camera. When you removed it while replacing the screen did the top part come undone? Did you reconnect it completely?

Is the home button recessing when you push it or does it not move?


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You really need to replace the back plate and check all the wires. The most likely thing is the wire is disconnected, but the backplate will make everything fit better and likely solve some problems.

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