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iMac Will Not Power On After Hard Drive Replaced?

Replaced Hard Drive on IMac G5 and Now it won't Power on.

I didn't leave anything unplugged because I didn't really have to unplug anything except take the Memory out and take off the tape. Could it be that the drive has to be specifically for Mac?

I tried two different drives and they should be working. Is there something under the tape that may have been inadvertently unplugged?

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Your iMac has an older ATA I/O interface (ATA-I 1.5Gb/s) so any newer HD you put in is likely to be SATA-III 6.0Gb's which is just to fast for your system. The good news is many of these HD's have a jumper which allows one to slow the I/O speed down to be compatible with older systems.

Review the spec sheets of the HD's you have on the manufactures web site to see which of the drives you have can be slowed down via a jumper. That should solve your problem

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That is great to know, I will try to jumper it, got it off ebay for $30 I don't want to have to pay over $100 through apple. I will try the different possibilities there shouldn't be more than three, in any event these are the specs. Emc#2114 (is this the Model number?) 17/2ghz/1gb/160gb. There is an FCC number ID QDS-BRCM1024. Thanks again, I thought I had shorted something out but went back over all the videos and didn't seem to have done something to cause a short. I will try to get to it this week, will let you know. Thanks again.


I thought there was only going to be only a few combination so I put the original drive back in which at least would power up but got the same result. Is there anything else you can think of, I didn't leave anything unplugged and I don't think I shorted anything. I will check with Western Digital to find out how to jumper(A lot of possible combinations)the drive if I think there is a chance the unit can still be saved.


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Is it showing a white screen or anything like that? It might be because there is no operating system since you swap the hard drive.

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Yes, that was what it was doing before when I wiped the drive before reinstalling OS. I got an answer from someone else that suggested the drive may be too new and that is why it doesn't get past the hardware check and shows no sign of life. He said I may be able to jumper the drive I bought to slow down, stands to reason these drives have to be close to 8years old. I appreciate your comment. In any event my machine is EMC 2114 17/2ghz/1gb/160gb. I wonder what the model number is I gues it's 2114 in case I need to look for another, hate to have to go through apple I think they will charge over a $100, one I got on Ebay for $30.


I put the original drive back into the unit and still not powering on. Would appreciate any other ideas.


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