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iPhone di quarta generazione. La riparazione è semplice, ma il vetro anteriore e l'LCD andranno sostituiti insieme. GSM / 8, 16, or 32 GB di memoria / Modello A1332 / Nero e Bianco.

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Will iPhone 4 turn on if Dock flex cable is disconnected

With the iPhone turned off.

If you have a working iPhone 4 and you take off the back glass and disconnect the dock flex cable from the motherboard and the battery is fully connected and charged.

Will the iPhone turn on if you push the power button?

I realize that you cannot plug in the usb or charger because the cable is disconnected.

I don't have a iPhone 4 or I would try it myself.

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Austin, Dustin thanks for the quick answers.

I was trouble shooting a no turn on issue after changing the screen.

I unplugged the battery and reconnected it and then it turned on and everything was o.k.


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The answer is yes it can. But the answer is also no, depending on other damage or faulty parts.

With 3G/3GS, if the dock was bad, it was more likely (90% of the time) that the phone wouldn't power on.

No matter if it works or not, I wouldn't risk possible further damage by a circuit short if it does or you could get it to power on with issue you've mentioned.

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Yes it should be able to turn on. I just tried on mine and it powered up successfully.

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