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A washer series by Maytag with a low rate of customer satisfaction and a high rate of failure. These washers have the model numbers MVWB300xxx or MVWX300xxx.

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Rocks Rattling in the Drum - Needs Disassembly?

My 7 year old put a rock in his pocket. We did not catch it before the wash and now it sounds like that rock found its way inside the washer drum? How can I disassemble and remove the rock? Any suggestions?


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Hey John,

I'm having a problem with the 'rocks rattling around" sound when my washer is spinning. I'm wondering what 'basket' you removed?? and if your machine was in spin cycle when you heard the noise?

My noise began with the first load I washed after I had run the 'clean washer' cycle on my machine. It was a load of my 13 year old son's clothes that he brought back from camp so there's really no telling what I might have missed in his pockets.

Thanks, Kae


Yes, I think. It is when the spin starts and the pump kicks on. There is a basket (where you put the clothes) and a tub (which is like a big shell-tub-liner that holds the water and the basket, water in/out, etc). The basket was easily removed via a 7/16" bolt found under a cap in the center top of the agitator. With some muscle, the basket then removed (pulled straight up) easily from the spindle it was riding on. I had multiple coins rattling around the bottom of the tub. After removing the coins and putting it all back together, I still have something banging around. I think whatever it is gets pushed out and then back into the pump. I need to look again. What are your thoughts?


Well, I had some good luck here. Found a nickel in the basket after running a load and now no more rattling sound. I guess it was hiding in a crack or crevice somewhere. I feel very fortunate that I didn't need to disassemble anything!! Kae



"....After removing the coins and putting it all back together, I still have something banging around. I think whatever it is gets pushed out and then back into the pump. I need to look again. ....."

So, I got off my duff yesterday after finally getting tired enough of hearing that obnoxious rattle. Took the basket out again and removed the cover from the pump. Behold, I could see a coin inside one of the pump hoses. I guess my theory was correct, that the spin/pump was pushing it in and out, hence the disappearing act. Used a shop vac and some needle nose pliers to recover several more coins. Now the machine is running quiet again!! .........John


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Drain Pump

If the washer is making a loud noise the drain pump might be going bad or might have something caught in it. Remove the drain pump from the washer and inspect it carefully. Look for anything that might be caught in it, a piece of wire, plastic, rock etc. If nothing is wrong with the pump, but it's still noisy it will have to be replaced.

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Thanks Mayer! I removed the basket this evening and was able to retrieve a bunch of change, etc. that was rattling around. Hopefully nothing got into the pump. If I continue to hear the rattle, I know where to check next: inside the pump!


I have exactly the same problem here and I have my washing machine for three years now I hear like rambling like a rock when is spinning I actually took off the cap in the middle of the washing machine and it has a bolt but I don't have the tools to take out the bolt. what can I use to remove that bolt because now is like when I wash the water comes into the machine but when its time to throw out the water it is not allowing it takes a big process for the water to draun


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Having a similar problem and I am a previous Sears/A&E tech. I ran the manual troubleshooting cycle after pulling the water pump and finding nothing in the pump. When I run the slow spin cycle, I get the “change in the pump” sound, but when I run the high speed spin, nothing. Quiet. Could it be that the lower RPM spin is allowing change to rattle around between the drum and tub or do I have a splutch issue?

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Mine was rattling quite bad and was somewhat simple to fix. Removed the discharge hose from the pump (hose clamp). Two pennies could be seen down in the pump. I used a wet/dry shop vac and with a little shaking was able to suck the pennies out.

I'd recommend planning to install a regular hose clamp if you pull this loose. It would be easier to clamp correctly where it is.

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