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What are the chanches my phone still works but the lcd won't?

Hello dear repair friends

I have a iphone 5 with water damage. (fully emerged)

After tearing it completely down, and cleaning gently it still wouldn't work.

I boughy a new battery but still nothing, However when I put on the power adabter the vibriting module gives a quick run like it is being charched but I can't see anything on the screen.

Does anybody knwo what this meens? Is there still hope for my phone?

Kind Regards


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This could be the screen yes... but water damaged sometimes are really complex!!! I understand that a new LCD costs a lot for the 5. For the 4 i simply try several parts like LCD battery and pin connector. I really don't know what to recommend you.... If you hear other sounds and you're sure that your iphone in fact is working but you see nothing on the screen try it, but this is a risk.

What can I recommend you is to plug it in on the computer and see if the computer recognize your device.

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Thank you! itunes recognized it

Should I be worried for other damage like camera, earphones, e.g. or you think i can just buy a new screen?

Thanks! you made my day


Lets make sure that you also clean your phone to prevent corrosion and battery damage later on.


Yeah, double clean everything and for the camera etc you can check them only trough the Lcd wait for the LCD and try other parts...;-) im happy that you solved, because i didnt with an iphone 4 for mine i think there is nothing to do....


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I bought isopropyl alcohol with my local pharmist

But i do not know the concentration of it.

I see a lot of discussion on the web that it needs to be high enough

or else i could damage the connectors. Just for now I just

cleaned everything with a dry toothbrush. The phone

Was sent to my local dealer and layed there for three weeks.

They asked 350 euro for the repair so i said no thanks. During that time

It comletely dried and now there are some small corrosion stains here and there

So i have to make sure these are all gone?

Thx for your reactions

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I had/have this exact same problem. My computer recognizes my device, and everything seems to be working perfectly, but my screen was seemingly dead....until I took it out on a sunny day and could see every so faintly my buttons and clock.

It's as if the brightness is turned all the way down (and then some more). I heard that if you remove the black tape just below your ribbon cable ports, there are several small parts that could easily be jostled or broken so I'm waiting to order an LCD assembly until I take my phone apart again to double check it's fixability.

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