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Repair guides for displays (or monitors) for computers or other devices with video output.

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Philips 107e6 Computer Monitor turns Yellow

I have an old Philips 107e6 monitor ever since I had my first computer and for some years now it turns yellow or more like adds a yellow filter over everything. I have burned two graphics cards so far, one by accident, so I really don't thing that's what is causing the problem. I tried moving around the cables but it won't fix it... It will stay normal for long periods like months and then go yellow fever for a month or so... it sometimes changes back and then back to yellow again... I am already considering buying a new monitor but in the past when I had enough of this yellow screen and starting looking for a new monitor online it would change back to normal after a day or two... coinsidence maybe but still it made me rethink about getting a new one. But still this one is old and energy hungry so I am definately recycling it but because I really need exact colors because I do graphics I would love to solve for for a day or two before my new monitor arrives. Also the monitor menu is normal... the filter doesn't affect it...

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It was the cable but I had to finally say goodbye to the screen, I will be replacing it with a 21,8 inches LED 1080p monitor which will probably be better at some points since the old one could only go as far as 1280-1024 and it was 4:3 while the new one will be 16:9... Thanks everyone for you answers!!!


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It has a damaged VGA cable internally. Wires broke inside it. I can tell from how it's acting. However, some CRT's have replaceable cords while others are fixed. If it's fixed you need the internal pinout to wire a new one in this monitor. You'll probably want 2 cables to have room to screw up, too.

HOWEVER: CRT's can carry 25,000 volts or more! Unless you KNOW how to handle HV components and how to discharge a CRT, it's better to eWaste it! The risk isn't worth it if you don't know how. You can get them for 5-20.00 used at thrift stores and Craigslist. In sort, if you have no idea what you're doing, eWaste it and get a good used one. Your life isn't worth the CRT monitor!

However, if the cable can be replaced just go to Walmart and get a new VGA cable. Any standard VGA cable should work if it isn't nonstandard. If you replace it with a LCD, they all have replaceable cables.

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That must be it because I added a converter to the vga cable because of the video cards port and it was getting squezed on the wall and when I tried to move it a minute ago the filter went red... I will try to get it fixed by a profesional... but still I am going to recycle it... it's too old and I would rather have a new screen with better quality... Thanks for your answer and your time!


on CRT computer monitor and you get a yellow display? it is either a bad VGA cable or there are cold soldering joints on the board that goes onto the neck of the CRT screen from the inside or to the worst part, it might be a bad color transistors on that board that needs opinion, get rid of it and buy a new one..have a good day


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xgarbo, I feel that there are a few things that need to be clarified. No CRT VGA monitor has a Yellow output from the graphics card or in the VGA cable. They are called RGB monitors for a reason. Red, Green and Blue are the colors that are used in a process called "Additive Mixing". Here the colors Red and Green make the color yellow. I venture out on a limb to say that you are most likely missing Red (most common bend or broken pin on the cable. VGA pinouts are pretty standardized, I checked the service manual for your computer as well, and the pinouts is as follows:

1 Red video input

2 Green video input

3 Blue video input

4 Identical output - connected to pin 10

5 Ground

6 Red video ground

7 Green video ground

8 Blue video ground

9 No pin

10 Logic ground

11 Identical output - connected to pin 10

12 Serial data line (SDA)

13 H. Sync / H+V

14 V. Sync (VCLK for DDC)

15 Data clock line (SCL)

So , I would suggest that you proceed and check the Color temperature settings on your computer, make sure the monitor cables is properly connected to your computer, check to see if the monitor cable has bent pins. Since you are using an adapter, you want to check that as well. You should also tell us what video card you are using, since it requires a special adapter for a VGA monitor. This could be another culprit for the color change. If all this is okay, and you can resolve your problem through "percussive therapy" (hitting the monitor or the cable, it is also possible that you have a cold/cracked solder joint. A simple reflow/resolder of the cable may resolve this issue. Worst case scenario is a faulty CRT color gun (even that can be adjusted, unless it has absolutely failed) As you can see there are a few options you have before giving up on the monitor. Since you do a lot with graphics, you also know that the color clarity is still great with a CRT monitor, and to get that from a LCD monitor, you will have to spend some pretty good money. Yes, working on a CRT monitor can be dangerous, if done in a careless way. However, removing the housing of the monitor to check the wiring is absolutely within anyone's capabilities. If you want to get deeper into the repair, you will have to discharge the High voltage discharge capacitor first. Unless you do know how to do that, I recommend you stay away from the HV part of your monitor. Hope this helps, good luck.

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It's the cable since the monitor menu appears correctly with now yellow filter, I am trying to figure out if it is the the vga adapter which has the problem or if the cable is somewhat broken... it's not the graphics cards fault since I have change 2-3 cards and the problem remains...


Yes, I do agree with you. It does sound like either your cable or your adapter, just wondering what type off adapter you are using. That is why I was inquiring about your video card. Wondering what output connector it had.


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