360 Wired Controller - Death from shock?

This question is actually for the wired "Xbox 360 for Windows" version, but there's no category for it so I posted this here.

This controller has always worked perfectly, but last night it fell off my couch, about 3 feet. The player indicators turned off and the computer does no longer recognizes that anything has been plugged in.

I have verified that the controller's PCB is receiving power, and have even tried to reflow the board components in case a bad solder point gave way when it hit the floor. Since the only mechanical components are the joystick pots I can't figure out why it would just die like this... Younger gamers' devices get far more abuse than this one ever has!

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix it? Or, does anyone know where I can buy a replacement PCB? All of the ones I've found are for the wireless model. Thanks!

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