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The Sony Ericsson K810i is a member of the Sony Ericsson line and features a 3.2 MP Sony Cyber-Shot camera. Released February 2007.

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New to Fixit, heard from iPad launch, want to fix K810i

Firstly - do you take sony Ericsson cases.

The problem with my phone is simple - it switched off and then never did start again.

Got the motherboard changed and then the same thing happened within 20 days. Service centre guys have failed and I am the loser either ways.

Please help.

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Is there a red light blinking in the IR port when you try to start the phone ?

there are ways to try to fix this problem - BUT they are not easy, they sometimes involve soldering on the "motherboard" and the use of "underground" software and a data cable.

here is a short description of the steps:

i've had many SE phones with that kind of error - the eeprom of the phone has some garbage data in it and now the phone won't start.

the steps are like this:

desoldering the internal battery

identify the phone with SEtool

when the program has identified the phone - you can resolder the internal battery and reassemble the phone - it should now work again

BUT - sometimes, the phones loose all RX/TX data from the eeprom - the phone would not be able to log onto any network.

this would also be fixable - but not for anybody and involves money (mostly more than this type of phone will be worth)

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