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Model A1013, A1052, A1085, or A1107 / 1440x900 screen resolution

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PowerBook G4 17" won't start up!

Hello. My PowerBook G4 17" isn't starting up. The lights come on for the 'number lock' and 'caps lock' keys but that is it. At first it sounded like it was trying to start up because I could hear things spinning, but then it would just die. Now it doesn't even try to start up. I get no whirring sounds, nothing at all, in fact.

I tried to zap the pram, start up from the repair disk-which is now in the disk drive and won't eject.

I also recently had my keyboard replaced. But it was working fine afterward. It wasn't until I returned to Japan, (I'm native Californian teaching in Japan), that it stopped working. I have had problems with this computer after it goes through the security check machines. Could that be the problem?

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There's no such thing as a PowerBook Pro. I changed the device, title, and question to reflect this.


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This is a long shot, but the 17" model definitely requires the more powerful 65W AC adapter, as opposed to the 45W AC used by less power-consuming models. Any chance that you are now using a different AC adapter, that that it is the wrong one? Using a 45W AC on a PowerBook 15" or 17" sometimes produces behavior like you mentioned, if there are any signs of life at all. I've had many machines sold to me as "dead" only to find that the wrong AC was used.

If that's not it, I'd remove the battery and any extended RAM, them reset the PRAM and PMU, and see if any of that makes a difference. Is there a solid light on the AC adapter plug, or is it not showing a light?

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I had similar problems with my 17" 1.67 GHz PowerBook (A1107). I would get a start-up whirring, some light flash, and then a power-down with a low hum (meaning that it was still getting power). I also lost my harddrive test CD to the diskdrive. When I took it in to an Apple store, they told me that it was the logic (mother) board and would cost $1,200.00 CAN! I assume that's w/out labour! It makes a helluva platform for my external HD's, iPod dock and external speaker now. Another case of obsolescence built-in. If you know anyone with a good motherboard, please post!

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I have this same exact issue with a PowerBook Titanium G4 867

Tried everything to get it to boot:

Took out battery

Took out RAM

Took out PRAM Batt.

Actually I dismantled the whole machine at one point looking for broken connectors or fried boards (nothing).

I was hoping that the suggestion of wrong AC was it. But alas that was not the case either it seems?

To bad as it was a good platform for running my Network Monitoring Apps

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