PS3 Slim Turns on for 2 seconds, then off?

I have a PS3 Slim CECH3002B which will turn on (green light) for about 2 seconds, then it will just turn off - no red light, just no light, as if it is not plugged into the wall socket.

What happened is that my friend got angry and threw it against the floor. My guess is that the internals are damaged.

I don't really want to spend over $150 on sending it to Sony, as most of the time it is just to fix it myself.

I have fixed a PS3 before (as a hobby), so I know how to open, and have all the necessary tolls etcetera, but I am unsure on how to fix it. As I said the internals might be damaged, but do you have any clue what could be damaged?

I have looked on the internet, eBay etc, for a replacement motherboard, but no luck - doesn't look like anything suitable available.

Game saves being lost is not a problem.

Could anyone help me here?

Help would be really appreciated.

I can give any other details if needed.

Thanks in advance.

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