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Screen Black Out, otherwise perfect


I have searched the forum for this issue, but can't seem to find a similar problem.

I have an iMac 17 iSight. No issues with vertical lines, dark areas or funny colours. The issue I have is that from time to time, well it's getting more frequent the screen will go black, the computer is still running and I can here volume increase noises and so on.

To counter this I attached a second monitor, which worked well, but now this is playing up and going black, I have checked it on another mac and its fine, the mini dvi is also fine.

I can gather that both screens are turning off at the same time, not separately. So the iMac is suddenly losing its ability to show the screen

Is this a graphics card issue, lose connection, something I can fix, I have reset PRAM, SCU and everything else I can think of.

This is not my main machine, it has Skype on as we'll as Office and hats it, so it's not being overworked.

Anyone had the same issue, as I said the screen is vibrant and clear....

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if both the external and internal monitors exhibit the same symptoms, it is most like a graphic card issue. What are the last three digits of your computer?


Having that much difficulty getting a screen to stay on long enough to find out..... However last 3 are

serial 3HTAT


For some reason unknown, the serial number is not getting us what we need. Please look on the bottom of your stand and get us the EMC # and processor speed. Thanks


emc 2081 1.9g5


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This machine had some of the capacitor issues of the earlier G5 iMacs. Next step would be to open it up and examine the capacitors for swelling and/or corrosion. Please let us know your findings. The capacitors are small can looking things.

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+the symptoms most certainly support the bad caps issue.


Would that effect the dual screen issue as well?


Don't mean to butt in here :-) Yes it could since it supplies the power etc to all of the video out.


Started to take the mac apart, however I am missing a screwdriver for the front screws... Shall update with an image of the Caps once I have had a look to get your opinions.


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