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Released in early 2010, the M11x is Alienware's first foray into small gaming laptops. It has an 11-inch screen, and Intel Pentium or Core 2 Duo processor, and an Nvidia graphics card.

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How to fix the integrated keyboard?

some of the letters on my keyboard (azerty) doesn't work well when i push them they activate an additionnal letter (the first on the right) it's like i push "a" i got "za" or "q" i got "sq" and this is like this for &;a;q;w.

and in a second time the disease reach the letters "z";"s";"x";"é" but the additional letter is the left one.

sometimes my laptop is really hot but i don't if the heat can cause that.

i wanna know if i can fix my keybaord and how to repair the letters and how to remove it if i have to change it.


ps: sorry for te bad english it's not my native language.

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Does your computer have the "QWERTY" layout or is it different?


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doenickage93, I would start by either cleaning the keyboard, or replacing it. You can download the service manual from here to remove the keyboard. Hope this helps, good luck.

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