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eSATA mod-- need adapter, cables?

My MacPro 1,1 has finally died. My main storage is an eSATA RAID, and I know there are Thunderbolt adapters, but they're expensive. Have read much of eSATA mods on earlier mini's, some seemed to require removing optical drives, etc.

Does anyone know if, with a single boot drive installed, there is a *spare* internal SATA connector, to which I can connect a SATA to eSATA cable, find some way to route it outside the case, strain-relieve, etc., and connect to my eSATA RAID? Or is the iFixit two-drive adapter needed, even though I'm not installing a second drive inside the case?


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Feeling a little dumb to solve my own problem, but maybe it saves someone else the research: For a new mini or any other model, USB 3 ports are numerous. For $25, a USB3-eSATA adapter (e.g. makes much more sense than a mod.

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Does this work with 3GBs esata to esata-to-usb3.0 adapter? I tried one from amazon -unbranded- and it does NOT seem to work w/ a G-RAID 4TB RAID 0. Thanks for any info Paul

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