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External storage options by Seagate, usually connected by USB, available in many storage sizes and form factors.

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keeps crashing cant retrieve data

hi i have a seagate external hard drive, when i plug it in to a computer,,(any computer) it crashes and slows the system, it takes ages for the hard drive to be reconised and when i try to transfer my music so i can format the drive , it freezes after a minute of transfer and says 20hrs to transfer .... even if i transfer one song.if anyone knows how i can retrieve my data before i format it would be a great help

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i've got the same issue, you wont be able to fix the disk as if it crashes it dissapears completely


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What type of connection are you working from FireWire or USB? Try a different cable. If the USB drive has two connections make sure both are connected.

If you have a self powered (via the FW or USB connection) try connecting an external power supply.

As disk drives age they often need a little more power. When running these externals on the older MacBook or MacBook Pro's the current limits of the USB ports can cause the drive to react like this.

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Amy, try repairing the drive with Disk Utilities.

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