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The PlayStation Vita is the successor to the PSP. It contains a beefed up processor and graphics, and includes the addition of a second analog stick. It was released February 15, 2012.

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My charging port is damaged, can I replace it?

Can the charging port on a PS Vita be replaced without changing the entire motherboard?

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THIS SUCKS!i i love my vita and for this to be a problem it sucks because it cost more to fix it then to buy a new one. or almost .


Hi Guys,

me son facing the same problem his Vita don't charge unless he push the connection

up or down a little which makes it hard to hold it all the time specially when playing

while charging

we rang Sony regarding the problem and their answer was wear and tear and a replacement will cost $180 !! even tho the vita still under 12 months warranty

how can I pay this much to fix input when the whole thing brand new cost under

$250 !! I'm going to think twice before approaching Sony products in the future


the question is how to fix this charging issue? its not fully damaged as it does charge

when lifting the connection a little .. can you please show us step by step how it

can be opened and checked internally for damage or maybe a loose wire?

thank you in advance

and thank you NOT Sony for letting our kids down.




I have a similar problem my vita hasn't wokred for a year now because of the port.when I plug in the charger I am lucky if the orange light blinks twice. So can any one help me plze because I tried doin every thing I just want to play my vita and enjoy it if any one can help me and answer back May god bless you.


Same here, orange blink twice


Hi yes I want to know is their any other kind of charger that I can use to charger my ps vita because I dont want to mess it up it old and


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Jerry, only if you find a proper replacement. you can de-solder the old one and resolder a new one. Problem will be to find a replacement.

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amazon is selling charging ports


If I got a replacement dock do you know where I could find a guide to take me through it step by step?

I have a small amount of experience soldering but I don’t want to go into it without knowing exactly what to do, I can’t find a guide anywhere on the net.


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YES you can, I did i brought a vita charging dock and brang that to ubreakitifixit .... they soldered that new piece on .... the new piece coming from the dock has a board attached to the pins and bascially there is NO LOOSE PINS THAT GET SCREWED UP OR DAMAGED ....

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btw the dock cost me 10 bucks and the soldering cost 80 .... the ps vita phat is worth that price in repairs in my books because of the extreme mods you can do to it :)


Where were you able to buy the charging port from please email me never stop striving a


please tell us where you got the replacement port from

i can't find it anywhere

da use that ... thats what i had the guy do ... but it eventually burned out ... maybe my soldering guy sucked or its not worth it ... maybe youll be luckier than I


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i have it to you have to charge it with coumputer usb but you cant charge it while its on turn it off first but if didnt charge get the the charger up and down move it let the charger dance untile it charge it will work try it

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Have anyone tried to fix let me know how you did that..I stuck with my dead Vita...


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