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Scratched Camera Lens / Cover

Hey all,

So the back camera lens on my iPhone 5, the unscratched one, appears to have chipped!


It hasn't suffered a fall and no matter how hard I try I cannot see a mark on the lense from the outside, so it must be tiny OR somethings gone wrong on the inside.

Should I send back to Apple or is there a replacement part I can buy?

This is pretty sad since I'm heading on holiday, one I've planned for years, and so this will make the photos terrible :(

Really hope to sort before Christmas but I'm probable looking for a Miracle.

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If there isn't any visible damage to the iPhone itself, I'd suggest sending it back to Apple -- or if you have an Apple Store nearby that would be my first suggestion. From the photo, it's hard to tell if it's a scratch, chip or some debris floating around on the inside of the phone.

iPhone 5 parts are difficult to find right now... it would also be a difficult part to replace. Try Apple and see what they can do for you.

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My wife had a pen explode and ink got on her lens. It looks exactly like yours. I can't find anything about replacing the lens cover.

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I had the same problem and it ended up being water so I smacked the back of my phone against my leg this tends to happen when you listen to music wile in the shower the humidity gets in there

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I have the xact same problem. Those purple marks and the darker circles :S so if anyone has a solution i would be really glad !

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