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Model A1238 / 80, 120, or 160 GB hard drive / black or silver metal front

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Is there a software install required for a new hard drive?

I've managed to fill my 160GB iPod Classic so it's time for an upgrade. I know I can get a 240GB hard drive to put in it but I'm not sure if these hard drives come with an operating system and software on them or whether I need to somehow obtain and install these myself? Of course I still want to be able to sync with my itunes library.

I've checked out the guide for taking the old hard drive out and I imagine putting the new one in would be exactly the same but in reverse, but I didn't see anything about software installs.

I'm just a bit concerned that I'll go through all this and end up with a 240GB hard drive that looks like an iPod instead of a functioning iPod.

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I just had a thought. Is there perhaps something I'll need to do in disk utility that would help?


Also, is there a way to delete the games from the iPod just to free up some extra space? I know its not much but I never play them at this point every little bit of extra space counts.


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anelson2, once you change the hard drive, the iPod should be detected by iTunes as an iPod that will need to be restored. It will then connect to the Apple server, download and install the firmware automatically. This process usually works pretty slick without any issue.

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Thank you. When the time comes, if I have any problems I'm sure there'll be someone on here with a solution. But for now that sounds simple enough.


All the best to you and you'll be surprised how slick it will go.


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