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web cam for iBook g4 1.33

Hey there. I tried to connect regular window's webcam , it didnt work. So tell me , please, do i need some special web cam or i do something wrong in connection?

thank you . Mike

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Your best bet for compatibility is a used Firewire 400 iSight. These are not hard to come by despite being long discontinued.

If you do not wish to get a used camera, most USB webcams work with OS X without explicitly saying it, but they may be few and far between. Try and find one that's advertised to work otherwise make sure it comes from a store with a solid return policy as insurance.

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The Macally IceCam2 webcam works pretty well with my daughter's iBook G4 1.33Ghz under OSX 10.5.8. It's a USB 2.0 webcam so it won't work with Macs using the old USB 1.0 technology.

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To use iChat (or any other video chating software), you need a FireWire 400 webcam (Preferably an Apple iSight) and a FireWire 400 port (Which your laptop should have). External USB webcams are not supported in Mac OS X.

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thank you :)


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Any webcam that is UVC (USB Video Compliant) should work. You will need to be using at least OS 10.4.9. Personally I use a Logitech, QuickCam Deluxe for Notebooks, and it works fine. But be carefully, older versions of the Deluxe model do not support UVC. Look for a model that is VISTA compliant, that should also be UVC compiant. You may want to pick up a copy of iGlasses, the software will give you a lot of control over the webcam image.

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