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Model A1418 / Late 2012 / 2.7 & 2.9 GHz Core i5 or 3.1 GHz Core i7 Processor

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Will the screen stick on reassembly? Should I improve adhesive?

(My question is about the 27" model coming december. Assuming the screen attachment is the same as the 21,5".)

Eventually dust has to be removed from the inside. I saw the 21.5" iMac ifixit teardown and wondered if there will still be enough adhesive from the existing adhesive material for reattaching the screen properly to the body. I will remove dust/the screen about four times during it's lifetime. Will that be possible without compromising the adhesive material?

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Since the screen has been infused with the LCD, you will not have the opportunity of cleaning it inside or between LCD and glass panel. So the job is over. No more dust worries!

Regarding any upgrade that is intended, you will surely need to secure the proper adhesive stripes before opening it. Once you pry-up the glass from the frame, and the adhesive comes out to the air contact at various temperatures rather than intended, it gets weak and won't seat as seamless as was before. I would not suggest to tear it down without having required adhesive stripes in stock.

Seems like Apple's guiding us to adopt and follow the shiner road that is seemingly narrow and delicate. A simple miss-step would come to be a devastating move.

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I would not buy this without the fusion drive AND external DVD/CD.

Please repeat that till one gets it.

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I used a regular double tape and it has worked fine for me. No gap in the screen and no signs of it coming off. However, do make sure that your tape does not leave residue. so you can replace in future if a need arises.

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