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Model No. A1367 / 8, 16, 32, or 64 GB capacity

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Why is it so difficult to find iPod touch 4g logic boards?

and if you do find one it's crazy expensive. does anybody know where else to find some?

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Probably because manufacturers are not in the business of selling parts, they want to sell their devices. The aftermarket world realize that the logic board would be a last ditch effort to resurrect a device and thus charges us an arm and a leg. Supply and demand rules the business world, got to love capitalism ;-) Anyhow, it might help to tell us where you've looked so far and what the average $$$ was.

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well i,,,,,,,,,,, (they have one for the 2g touch) ebay has some but most are used and not really sure if they are working or not. there were others but i litteraly have like 50 pages i've looked through. some i didn't even save b/c they want way more for the board than the ipod was even worth.


I do agree with you on the cost. Anywhere fro $100 used to $300 new. Any chance you can fix yours?


you can fix them? really? that's awesome! I'm so new to this, literally this is my first one. This there a guide on here to fix the boards? And how do you know it's a board and not something else? is there a troubleshooting guide anywhere to the ipods, specificitly the touchs?


Some are fixable, depends on what the error is:-) What is, or in our case, is not working on your iPod. The importance on ifixit is that you are our eyes and ears, Let us know what is going on in as much detail as possible, and some smart person on here is surely going to give you some solution you can try. Again, some are fixable:-)


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