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After replacing LCD, the screen lights up but no picture

I dropped my MacBook air and broke the left hinge, Shortly after that my screen was turned a blue hue. I opened it up and found the LVDS cable was frayed and then my screen went from all blue to completely large pixels. I replaced the LVDS cable but when I reboot the screen lights up but no image. I can get an external screen to work. Going into displays only shows the external display. I purchased a new MacBook air top complete with wires attached but got the same issue. Is my video controller in the laptop fried?

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I noticed you never got an answer to this. Are you still having this problem?


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Since the external monitor works the GPU and logic board are fine. The problem is all in the display. With the unit showing no internal display I would go back to the display data cable. Also how reliable was the display supplier?

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Did you work this one out? Similar issue here...

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