Phone doesn't turn on at all

Ok, I just got this phone from someone who sold it to me for $25 since they had absolutely no idea what's wrong and tired of spending $150 to replace it and would rather get the iPhone 5.

I've torn the iPhone down and took a look at everything pretty carefully and it seems perfect inside. Doesn't smell like burnt out parts or any visible damage anywhere. All the liquid damage indicators are pure white inside and outside in all the usual areas.

The phone has a couple of dings in the bumpers but other than that it would be perfect. Like new out of the box perfect.

The battery works and has some charge on it, tried even swapping out with a fully charged battery from another phone and nothing. Made sure all the connectors were firmly seated and all screws are accounted for and absolutely nothing is missing on the inside. Connected it to the computer with a bunch of different USB cables and it never charges or recognizes the device. There are no sounds, vibrations, nothing. Like it literally decided to just heel over and die without any warning.

The only time I've ever seen a completely dead phone was because of water damage but then I've seem them resurrected before too.

I replace screens for iPhones at my workplace so I know that this device is in pretty good condition and has no signs of what could've caused this abrupt non-working device.

Sadly it's a recent replacement from Apple only a couple of months ago but it was out of warranty so the original owner paid the $150 replacement fee.

I've tried everything I could think of including the hard reset, yanking the battery and leaving it out for a while and nothing works. It's completely lifeless. The backlight on the screen doesn't even turn on.

What could be the issue? Can't seem to find anything on Google about this.

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