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Modello A1136 con 30, 60, o 80 GB di hard disk con plastica frontale bianca o nera

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Why he won't start correctly (apple logo)?

hi fixers,

I became a problem with it, could you help me ?

sometimes he boots and start correctly, but often, he displays the eated apple longtime?

sometimes, when I connect it, WinXP doesn't show it to me ? battery to low, blabla.

I plug it to wallcharger. It seems to work. and again it won't.

I have already upload about 1Gb of music ; but now I can't... X_X

how do I can check hdd ?

thanks a lot.

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yesterday, I received my new hdd. I putted it in the iPod => restore ok => filled the iPod with 10 Go ok => it works. Today, the iPod won't boot again => sad icon and very low battery message when I plug it to pc...

please help me.


I noticed you never got an answer to this. Are you still having this problem


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Hi Kev,

sometimes its not the HDD instead its the cable that is broken.

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No more trouble, I sold it...

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