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Released on July 21, 2011. Core i5 or Core i7 Processor. Thunderbolt. This unit is also used to run the Mac mini Server configuration.

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NO POWER Mac mini 2011. Suspect logic board. Anyone tried oven bake?

Hi there,

Basically, my A1347 i7 2.0 GHz Quad Core Mac Mini is 13 months old and I left it on sleep overnight to wake up and find it stone cold dead. No startup chime, no light, nothing.

I have tested the cable with a multimeter and all is fine. I have also done the obvious SMC and PRAM resets. I have removed the internal power supply and got a steady 12 volts DC supply on the motherboard end. I know this does not verify that it is not dead as I would have to test current draw but it is very unlikely that it is the culprit from what I have read....

Anyway, I suspect it is the logic board! Has anyone had success getting a logic board repaired or baking one in the oven? With such a new mac I can not believe it and am now not loving Mac at all.

I had a 2.6 MacBook Pro also die this year... I was able to get it back in action by baking the logic board in the oven at 200 degrees for around 8 minutes! It had slightly different symptoms as I still had some sign of life but a repeating startup chime. This was common for these Macs.

The Mac Mini is different as it is still the latest model and there is very little info. I think I am really unlucky for a server model to die just after the 1 year warranty. What a disaster! I think I have lost my faith in Apple as my 5 year old PC is still going strong

Thanks for any possible insight, ND

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A proper infra red heating station with magnification lens and eye protection and temperature control is the ultimate tool because there is no air blowing which could dislodge your part.

But yeah, good answers for the do-it-your-selfer quickie fixes. Works for the most part.

I see some expensive stuff that looks good and some hot-air reballing and soldering tools on eBay which would probably focus the air into a smaller and not so forceful output which may effect the micro circuitry in the smaller boards like this and cell phone repair.

Some chips may be erased by the UV spectrum perhaps so considerations may have be taken there.

Now I'm thinking on building one of these as IR/UV is used to set some glues used in cellphones and repairing a lot of stuff and this is my hobby.

Update (10/10/2014)

I would like to add that I don't recall giving this answer.

After all attempts have been exhausted I would attempt an oven rebate if the conditions are right you shouldn't have any troubles but if that isn't the issue, you risk further damage.

Suggest letting someone that has experience dealing with that if you don't have the time patience and a bit of skills in that area connectors are easily damaged, mishandling perhaps, Maybe someone on your local kijiji or craigslist can help...

Its good to have a parts machine that works so you figure things out easier as well. This way known test points can be taken or parts exchange or a power brick perhaps. People that work on these should have such things.

People on kijiji should have an address &phone number and not want to meet at a Tim Horton coffee shoppe or to front door of apartment building.

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Lovely informative answer thanks Nick :) I will take that advice.... fortunately I have found a place locally that will diagnose it for free and can repair / re-bead the logic board for a reasonable price so I will take that route if it is the case... I can cross my fingers that it is in fact a power regulation issue!


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