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Is there a difference between the nano 4th and nano 5th batteries?

Can I use the same battery for the iPod Nano 4th gen as for the iPod Nano 5th gen?

If not, where can I buy batteries for the iPod nano 5th gen?

Thank you!

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You can buy a 5th generation Nano battery at:

but both batteries of the 4th gen and 5th gen are 350 mAh and soldered in but can not find anything that says they are the same.

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they look the same to me too. If anybody finds anything different about them, let me know.


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I was wondering the same thing myself, I know this is old but I wanted to provide a more complete answer.

Of my understanding the batteries are the same, the difference is the board connected to the battery and the solder points to the logic board. The 4th Gen solder points are very close together and the 5th Gen are spaced apart quite a bit more.

So the simple answer is no, but it could be possible to change the actual batteries and keep the correct PCB board with the iPod.

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