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During reassembly a small Magnet left behind

I swapped out the optical drive from what was supposed to be a dead 12" PowerBook into a revived G4 iBook. (upon reassembly the PowerBook now works !!! What a technician I am !!!)

I followed the instructions provided on here (including the small round magnet under the keyboard, so this 'spare' magnet is not that one).

But once I was complete, I had a small rectangular magnet still sitting on my screw guide. reviewed the instructions but found no reference to it.

It is approx 1/4" wide, 1/2" long and 1/8" thick.

Any clues where is goes?

BTW, I was also taking the PowerBook apart (other side of the table to prevent crossing parts). I found no reference to a magnet in those instructions either.

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The magnet mounts just inside the opening of the CD ROM Drive. There is an indent in the computer case where it goes. I can not seem to find a picture of it on the web site. Sorry. But if you have the top off you can see were it sits.

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So since I swapped the combo drive into my 12 PowerBook, it goes with that one? I did not see a corresponding magnet for the superdrive when I swapped them between the two laptops.

I hate to think I gotta tear down the PowerBook again. Guess I might be buying that upgraded superdrive sooner rather than later.


Just to make clear, The Magnet mounts to the case top not the drive.


OK, I found this thread on the website "iBook optical drive magnet". Obviously the magnet is for the iBook and not the PowerBook. Guess I am gonna have to operate on the laptop again.


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OK, To close this out. I found this video, . It is one of three (this one is clip 2). It is a YouTube video of a 12/14" iBook G4 disassembly. Quite good. It certainly augments the written instructions. At the 2:45 minute point is clearly shows the magnet I forgot to re-install. Recommend the site instructions be updated to include this magnet.

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