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Modelli MacBook Pro con display da 13"

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Removing Display Glass from MacBook 13" Unibody 2009/2010

Hi I ordered a front display glass and tool kit. I have been heating thr glass for long but unable to remove the glass using suction cups. IT is not even slightly lifting. What to do. I dont have a heat gun, so I am using a regular Braun Hair Dryer. please guide urgently. My Mac is lying in disassembled condition !

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Every job is easier when you use the proper tools. Go to a rental or home store and get a 1500 watt/120 volt Temperature Range: to 600+˚F heat gun. If you try to manhandle it you can damage parts you intend to reuse, necessitating spending more money.

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I did it with a normal hair dryer twice and it worked pretty well. I ordered the suction cups, but did not use them as I noticed I could not lift the glass.

At least I heated the glass to around 50 to 60 degrees celsius (you could touch it, but it was hard to) and used a guitar plec to lift the glass - a heat gun may be too much and you will burn the outer rubber.

While lifting the glass with a guitar plec you can insert another one between glass and cover and then go around the glass - be very careful - while constantly heating just the area you are going to lift with plec at next.

Regards, Stone

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