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Fourth generation iPhone. Repair is straightforward, but the front glass and LCD must be replaced as a unit. GSM / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity / Model A1332 / Black and White.

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No power whatsoever, Where to start?

Alrighty, so I just purchased this iPhone 4 16gb GSM which has water damage. I was recently able to make an iPhone 3gs restore after having error code 29 repeatedly, following guide: Repairing iPhone Liquid Damage . I purchased this phone with some screws missing so obviously it has been taken apart, battery was loose, and battery terminal screw was missing. I do not know if they tried using another battery, or what. What gets me is that the water indicator sticker is still white so how could it have had water damage? I'm interested in finding out how to power this sucker up and any help would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. I have a new battery on the way.

Correction, the white dot is sliiiightly pink.

I will attempt on the same way of fixing the last iPhone by soaking the logic board in isopropyl alcohol.

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Aaron, some of the things I have noticed over the last few month, is the appearance of fake stickers. I guess people are becoming more ruthless in trying to sell off stuff. Anyhow, I would disregard the stickers. Follow the above guide and replace the battery. Watch for any debris, bend or corroded pins in the dock connector. You might even consider replacing it, just to make sure. Once cleaned, new battery installed, re-evaluate and see what you have. Do one step at a time so as to not replacing to many parts at once. Of course, since somebody already messed with it, it can be a bit of a hunt to determine what is going on. that is another reason why a new battery is a must. It will provide you with a clean, known to be good, starting point. Hope this helps, good luck.


Take a look at this image, it has a couple of solutions and might help you out. Credits to Wites for the solutions :) Do a visual inspection and see what you find. you will definitely need a magnifying glass as well as a multimeter.

Block Image

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I appreciate the detailed answer. I soaked the logic board for some time and cleaned off the obvious corriosion and debris. I then let it dry and proceeded to put it back together. I noticed a lot of rust on the screws. Once put back together I noticed I actually had already received the iPhone 4 battery again. I installed the new battery and plugged it in. Nothing. I then re-plugged it in and my computer recognized it. The screen is unresponsive so I was unable to determine what else was wrong with it. I ordered a new screen for an iPhone 4 already and received it. Although, I believe it is for the cdma model. I've read that the screens are not compatible but would I be able to just test it out to determine if it is the screen itself or logic board? What would you suggest for the next action? Thanks again!


If the connectors line up and if they have the some amount of pins, you can give it a try and see what happens. Do not force the connectors from the LCD into the board connectors, since you might bend the pins. Should be okay for a test only


i just tested it and its no good, absolutely nothing on the screen. I mean if i need a new logic board, that would take away from any profit i would make i saw them going for 150+. I really would like to learn how to repair them but I would have to take a class for it. On one of the connection pieces on the logic board, either the digitizser or lcd there is a black mark, but im not quite sure if that is the biggest, there are a lot of problems with it.


If you know how to read schematics, I suggest to get the iPhone 4 schematic. The other thing that is possible is that your backlight IC and coil are no longer working. Take a look at this question What is the correct backlight coil for iPhone 4 CDMA version? it'll show the proper location.


Would I have to perform any soldering to remove or reattach the backlight IC and coil?


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