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Released online on January 16, 2009, the Inspiron 1545 is a 15.6" budget PC laptop available with 3 or 4 GB of RAM. It succeeded the Inspiron 1525.

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internal power connection wont connect to power cord

dell inspiron 1545 has been used so much with the power cord up against the side of the couch that it has bent the inside connection up toward the top of the laptop. now when you unplug the power cord the internal connection settles higher up than centre making it very difficult to plug the power cord back in as the power cord requires the internal connector to be centered. I need to know if i can open up the laptop to get at the internal connector and replace / bend it back down to synch up with the power cord.

the issue is not that the pin inside the power cord is bent and wont line up with the internal connector as many other sites describe an issue that dell power cords / connectors have.

thanks for any suggestions.

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You need to have the connector replaced on the Laptop. If you take it to a laptop place they should be able to re-solder on a new jack. Maybe 50-90 bucks at the most.

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If you want to do it yourself then you need to download the service manual first to see whether the power jack is connected with a male female connector or soldered on board. In most of cases its soldered on board which might be difficult for you to replace it by yourself in this case best way is to take it to some hardware shop.

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